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Here at Tea Sip we are dedicated to curating tea experiences that will inspire and fuel your life.

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Whether you love big gulps out of a mug, dainty sips from an exotic cup, or leak-free swigs on-the-go, we have the perfect sipper for you.

Why Tea Sip?


We make it easy to find teas you'll love. Simply fill out a few quick flavor and lifestyle questions and we'll curate teas just for you. Think of us as your personal tea sommelier.


Kick it up a notch with novel tea and food pairings, delicious tea recipes, and luscious tea cocktails.


We're big on thinking outside the (tea) bag. Easily brew loose-leaf tea with our functional brewing tools and our simple instructions so you brew the best cup every time.


Organic and wild ingredients are sourced from around the world and crafted into innovative and artisan loose-leaf tea and tisane blends in-house by our tea smith.